Trains - The Magazine of Railroads [11 issues 1954-58]

Trains - The Magazine of Railroads [11 issues 1954-58]

Trains - The Magazine of Railroads [11 mixed issues]

PUBLICATION DATE  From 1954-1958


Trains is a monthly US magazine dedicated to trains and railroads, and is one of the two flagship publications of Kalmbach Publishing. The magazine is read both by railroad enthusiasts, commonly referred to as railfans, and those within the railroad industry.

The magazine was founded in 1940 by Al C. Kalmbach, and is based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It is the largest and oldest North American consumer magazine on rail transportation. Primarily, Trains covers the railroad happenings in the United States and Canada>, and sometimes Mexico. However, there are articles on subjects on railroading around the world on occasion.

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