The Trikon Deception[Paper Back] by Ben Bova & Bill Pogue

The Trikon Deception[Paper Back] by Ben Bova & Bill Pogue

A NOVEL by Ben Bova & Bill Pogue
CATEGORY Science Fiction 
PUBLICATION New English Library

Paper Back ISBN - 9780450588822 [£3]


Writing with the astronaut Bill Pogue, Ben Bova has created a breathtakingly believeable thriller set in the near future in space...

By 1998, Earth has become an ecological nightmare. Overhead, on a vast metallic island in space, the scientists of the Trikon project undertake research too risky to be conducted anywhere else - research which could save the planet.

Then Commander Dan Tighe discovers the truth. Trikon's new priority is espionage. The scientists - consumed by greed, lust and drugs - are running the lab for their own gain. And one of his crew is trying to destroy the whole station...

Only Commander Tighe can save the Trikon station - and only the Trikon can save the Earth.

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