Strange Tales, Volume IV[Jacketed Hard Cover] edited by Rosalie Parker

Strange Tales, Volume IV[Jacketed Hard Cover] edited by Rosalie Parker

COLLECTION edited by Rosalie Parker
PUBLICATION Tartarus Press

Jacketed Hard Cover [£35]


Christopher Harman, Rhys Hughes, Rebecca Lloyd, John Howard, A.J .McIntosh, V.H. Leslie, Andrew Apter, Angela Slatter, Matt Leyshon, Mark Francis, H.V. Chao, Andrew Hook, Jason A. Wyckoff, Richard Hill and John Gaskin.


This fourth volume of strange tales from Tartarus presents fifteen new stories in the fields of fantasy, horror, decadence and the supernatural.

Christopher Harman’s ‘By Leaf and Thorn’ mines the not-to-be underestimated magick of the English countryside, while John Howard’s uneasy timeslip piece ‘You Promised You Would Walk’ is set in modern Berlin. Rebecca Lloyd’s ‘Gone to the Deep’ explores the Celtic sea-myths of the Scottish isles, while Rhys Hughes’ ‘The Secret Passage’ follows the architectural obsession of a would-be good son.

Matt Leyshon has his ne’er-do-well anti-hero escape to a Greek island in ‘The Amber Komboloi’, while Angela Slatter’s ‘The Badger Bride’ follows the adventures of her shape-shifting, grown-up fairy-tale characters. H.V. Chao’s ‘The Recovery’ details a writer’s decadent working holiday in the South of France, while in ‘Drowning in Air’, Andrew Hook’s protagonist visits an anxiety filled, post-war Japan.

More stories of the highest quality—by John Gaskin, Jason A. Wyckoff, Richard Hill, Alan McIntosh, V.H. Leslie, Mark Francis and Andrew Apter—contribute to a fascinating, rewarding, and sometimes bracing trip through the highways and byways of contemporary strange fiction.

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Condition: New