Snow White and Rose Red[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain

Snow White and Rose Red[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain

A NOVEL by Ed McBain
PUBLICATION Hamish Hamilton Ltd

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN - 9780241115299 [£10]


Sarah Whittaker had everything: stunning good looks, youth, money, social standing. Everything, that is, but her freedom. Sarah Whittaker was currently residing, against her will. in a luxurious private sanatorium. In the State of Florida, Sarah Whittaker was a certified paranoid schizophrenic. That's what the doctors, the courts, and her widowed mother said. It was not what Sarah said - and that was why she had called Matthew Hope. Would he act as her attorney and fight for her freedom? And would he fight for the $650,000 left to her by her father and now controlled by her mother?

Hope probed the story of a mother driven by hate to confine her only child to a mental institution and decided that Sarah was telling the truth. He took the case - and in so doing was led into a hall of mirrors in which reality blurred into murder, mutilation, and the greatest danger Hope had ever known.

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