Seawitch[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Alistair MacLean

Seawitch[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Alistair MacLean


A NOVEL by Alistair MacLean
PUBLICATION Book Club Associates 

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN 0002224682 [£10]

There were ten of them. Oil magnates. All in a secret meeting to plot the destruction of Lord Worth, England's famous oil billionaire. They hired the notorious troubleshooter Cronkite -- violent, ruthless, deadly. Cronkite was not above using nuclear weapons. The target: Seawitch. Lord Worth's massive ocean oil rig. But Lord Worth had a few tricks of his own. The most deadly being two crackerjack private investigators who just happened to be in love with Lord Worth's daughters. So when Cronkite decided his first move was to kidnap the girls he was unaware that he made a very dangerous mistake.... 

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