Rumpelstiltskin[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain

Rumpelstiltskin[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain

A NOVEL by Ed McBain
PUBLICATION Hamish Hamilton Ltd

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN - 9780241105221 [£10]


...Bloom shook his head. The sad brown eyes looked even sadder. He sighed and then said, "You know anybody who might’ve wanted that little girl badly enough?"
"What?" I said.
"The little girl."
"I don’t understand."
"Badly enough to have killed the mother for it."
"I still..."
"The little girl's gone, Mr. Hope. Whoever killed Victoria Miller took the little girl with him."

What begins as an ordinary one-night-stand for attorney Matthew Hope turns into a deadly mystery when the woman, a 60's rock star trying for a comeback, is brutally murdered, and her daughter turns up missing.

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