In the Country of Tattooed Men [Paperback] by Garry Kilworth

In the Country of Tattooed Men [Paperback] by Garry Kilworth

COLLECTION by Garry Kilworth
CATEGORY Science Fiction

Paperback - ISBN 9780586214985 [£3]

An entertaining and beautifully crafted collection of fantasy, science fiction and horror stories from a master of the genre. 

In the Country of Tattooed Men the nights feel hollow and are full of the sounds of the jungle: danger is everywhere. Tattoos hide all from the prying eyes of the world. On Murderer's Walk the cards are dealt for the ultimate game. There can be only one loser: pray you do not hold the ace of spades. And from York to London, Northampton to Southend the boys are surfing Spanish style. It's exciting and exhilarating and potentially fatal . . . 
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