Guns[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain

Guns[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain

A NOVEL by Ed McBain
PUBLICATION Hamish Hamilton Ltd

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN - 241 89509 X [£10]


Guns meant everything to Colley Donato. He was sixteen when he first shot someone - with an Astra Firecat pistol. Earlier he had clubbed his way with a baseball bat to the top of the Oriole Boys' gang in the Bronx. There, at 19, he held his first grocery store. By the time he and Jocko killed a cop in a liquor shop, he was using a 38 Detective Special and his guns mattered more to him than his women - than Jeanine, with her whiff of brimstone, than Terry, the girl who turned hooker.

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Product Code: 241 89509 X