Glory and Splendour: Tales of the We[Paper Back] by Alex Miles

Glory and Splendour: Tales of the We[Paper Back] by Alex Miles

COLLECTION by Alex Miles

Paper Back ISBN 9781470190859 [£3]


Glory and Splendour is the stunning new debut collection by Alex Miles and heralds a new voice in weird fiction. Introduction by Michel Parry, who says this is a significant first book. 

"Muscular prose and a twisted imagination combine to make these tales special and disturbing. I was particularly impressed with 'The Judge', which has a powerful and nightmarish inevitability about it, but also the stories are very good indeed. Alex Miles is a bold new talent, exactly the sort of injection of fresh blood that the weird fiction scene needs!" - Rhys Hughes

"Glory and Splendour is a remarkable debut from a young writer. Clearly tapping from the same vein as Thomas Ligotti, Alex is already a writer with an emerging voice all his own. Miles has produced a collection of great verve, originality and integrity." - Simon Bestwick

"Glory and Splendour is an apt title for this collection as it is both glorious and splendid. I urge you to purchase this book when it is released it was a pure joy to read, relish and savour." - Ginger Nuts of Horror

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