Farperoo: The Dark Inventions [Hard Cover] by Mark Lamb

Farperoo: The Dark Inventions [Hard Cover] by Mark Lamb

PUBLICATION The Madriax Press
ARTWORK by Matthew Armstrong and Claudio Grilli

Hard Cover - ISBN 9780954835613 [£10]

Dare to enter a fabulous tale of angelic magic, dark ritual and strange, inedible food. The story features the mysterious Lucy Blake, an 'ordinary' young girl with a talent for extraordinary lies that have a habit of coming true. Before her fourteenth birthday comes around she’s going to steal a priceless work of art, get involved in a spectacularly explosive firework display and find herself pitched into mortal combat with the winged hordes of heaven. Lucy’s friend Fenny has been kidnapped by an evil angel, but the mistress-of-lies has problems of her own. Her wafer-thin stepmother wants Lucy's boarding-house for herself, and she’s prepared to have the lying step-daughter committed to an insane asylum in order to get it. The despicable Doctor Veraciter is only too willing to help with the plan - because he’s noticed something rather interesting about Lucy’s stories. Bentley Priory, the penniless private detective, thinks it might be something to do with Lucy’s real mother, who vanished from a locked room years ago and has never been seen since. Pursued by the angel Raziel, Lucy is forced to flee into a dark and sinister world where even handbags aren't quite what they seem. Surrounded by tales of lost dragons and mythical cities, she and her companions explore a world of shew stones, talking maps, and truth cabinets. This is a world of mad inventors, ritual magicians and corrupt emperors - a world completely dominated by the equally mysterious Sisters of Perpetual Mercy. Who are they, and why are they so interested in Lucy that they're willing to destroy an entire world in order to get their hands on her?
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Brand: The Madriax Press
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