Brothers[Paper Back] by Ben Bova

Brothers[Paper Back] by Ben Bova

A NOVEL by Ben Bova
CATEGORY Science Fiction 
PUBLICATION New English Library

Paper Back ISBN - 9780450613357 [£3]


Arthur Marshak, a brilliant and driven scientist, dreams of the ultimate biomedical breakthrough: regenrating human organs within the patient's own body. If he succeeds he will be able to cure the incurable, restoere sight to the blind, make the paralysed walk once more.

But before he can test his theories on fellow human beings, he must convince others. Not just his fellow-scientists, both admirers and enemies. There is the corporation that sees Arthur Marshak alternatively as an asset and an expensive luxury. And his brother Jesse, who once shared his dream. And above all, Jesse's wife Julia. The one woman to who Arthur ever gave his heart. The woman whose child is about to need Arthur's lifesaving discovery. 

'The science fiction author who will have the greatest effect on the world.' Ray Bradbur

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