Always Forever (Age of Misrule #3)[Paper Back] by Mark Chadbourn

Always Forever (Age of Misrule #3)[Paper Back] by Mark Chadbourn

A NOVEL by Mark Chadbourn

Paper Back ISBN - 9780575603226 [£3]


The ancient gods of Celtic mythology have returned, and all that stands between them and complete domination are five flawed mortals

The Eternal Conflict between the Light and Dark once again blackens the skies and blights the land. On one side stand the Tuatha de Danaan, golden-skinned and beautiful, filled with all the might of angels. On the other are the Fomorii, monstrous devils hell-bent on destroying all human existence.

And in the middle are the Brothers and Sisters of Dragons, determined to use the strange power that binds them to the land in a last, desperate attempt to save the human race.

Church, Ruth, Ryan, Laura and Shavi have joined forces with Tom, a hero from the mists of time, to wage a guerrilla war against the iron rule of the gods. ALWAYS FOREVER is the stunning conclusion of a powerful fantasy saga by one of Britain's most acclaimed young writers.

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